Student Parliament




Bridgewater Primary School has a well-established Student Parliament. In recognition of its authentic student voice, BPS was awarded the 2022 Governor’s Civics Award.

Student Parliament is a genuine decision making body for students and has successfully made improvements to student life and experiences at school; for example uniform policy changes, investment in improving toilets and rules for equitable use of playgrounds.

Student Parliament functions using the Westminster System of government, meaning students learn about our system of government through a lived experience. Each child votes for 2 Studio Representatives and a Student Prime Minister. The Student Prime Minister is selected from the Year 6 senior cohort and is responsible for leading the Parliament and liaising with the Principal/King.

There are other roles in Student Parliament for non-elected students, including Speaker, Clerk, Hansard and involvement in Ministries or committees, should the Prime Minister or Parliament decide to set these up.